floating-unicornThe ancient greeks where the first to talk about me, my purity and grace, but they also considered me a beast. Their research lead them to India and gave me mixed colors as white, red and black… somehow this made me a legend in European folklore and many images of me where drawn from different animalistic backgrounds, such as goats and rhinos.

I hide in the darkest parts of the forests to keep away from man kind but my soul can never resist the purity of a virgin. That’s when I surrender.

My name origins in the Hebrew Bible as ”re’em”, a metaphor representing a wild, strong, un-tamable animal with great agility and a horn, which gave the old latin translation ”UNICORNIS”.

There are many versions of me… in some I am the symbol of wealth and prosperity with a horn that holds magical and medical properties.

The year is 2014 and this is my version, therefore I rise!


Image by Silvia Brandt.